Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Once a Creepy Crocodile - now in stores

Yay - my new picture book for 3 - 9 year olds is now in most bookstores in Australia ...and BigW, Target and other shops.

I know children will love Nina Rycroft's vibrant illustrations (people always comment on the pictures in a picture book before they do on the words) - but I hope that they enjoy reading it or having it read to them, too.

The text has the same rhythm as 'Waltzing Matilda', and the publisher, The Five Mile Press, has included a CD of the story being sung by Rusty Berther, along with his rendition of Banjo Paterson’s original version.

Once a creepy crocodile crawled toward a river bank,
He spied a baby brolga by a bottle-brush tree,
And his tail wagged and wiggled while he winked and grinned and giggled saying,
'Please come and join me for afternoon tea.'

'No!' squealed Echidna. 'Stop!' croaked the tree-frog,
'Run,' cried Koala, 'he'll eat you don't you see?'... ...

Many thanks for your review, Yvonne Mes!

Some of the characters are lesser known Australian animals, and true facts abut them can be found on my Writing-for-Children website, along with the music score to play or sing, and outlines to print on thin card that can then be cut out and attached to paddle-pop sticks to act out the story or make up a new one ...and how the story was written and it's path to publication. Here's the link:

Once a Creepy Cocodile

Perhaps one day I'll discover someone has posted a YouTube of a school choir or band performance!

If you'd like to buy a copy, please support your local book store if you can, but it is also available from the publisher's online store with worldwide delivery and other online vendors, with a recommended price of $16.95.

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