Friday, January 24, 2014

Corner Bookmarks

Have you seen any of the YouTube videos of 'Flash Mobs' - the ones where a large number of  apparently normal shoppers and tourists suddenly group and start singing and harmonising? Well, I belong to the Brisbane Illustrators Group and we did a similar thing on Friday, but creating artworks.

Over a short period of time we arrived at the Collectors' Cafe at the Queensland Museum, mingled, ordered and strolled to a table. After chatting for a while, someone suggested that it was time... and the paints, coloured paper, glue, scissors, pens, crayons and envelopes appeared from bags.

...And we created 'corner bookmarks'.

Just cut off the corner of an envelope and decorate...

...and slip over the page where you stop reading.

I'm the editor of the Newsletters for the Queensland branch of the Children's Book Council of Australia and suggesting in the forthcoming edition that children try this. (Hopefully it will encourage them to read and have the need to mark page places.) As you can see, we all enjoyed producing samples for inspiration.

Then, just like a 'flash mob', we cleared up and vanished back into the crowd. 

Special thanks to artists:

Giorgia Gurrieri

Karen Mounsey-Smith
Tanya Hempson
Tony Single
Anil Tortop
Angela Sunde
Katherine Battersby
Annie O'Dowd
Lucia Masciulo
Graeme Fitzsimmons
Pascale Schmid
Sona Babajanyan
Joanne Brooker
...and I did some, too.

I hope these examples inspire you to have a go, too!

Peter Taylor

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