Saturday, May 12, 2012

Illustrating for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

On Friday of last week it was a great pleasure to be part of a team of illustrators given the challenge to each create an artwork in 4 hours (no pressure!) that can be auctioned to raise much needed funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. On the day, were were given a word to act as our stimulus. The venue was the foyer of the ABC Radio Station in Brisbane and materials were provided by Micador. The project, part organised by the ASA (the Australian Society of Authors), is called 'One Word, One Day', and similar events, but using different words, are being held in other areas of the country over the coming month.  All the works will be auctioned online in July - I'll give you the details closer to the day in another post!

Our theme word was 'Skidaddle'. What do you first think of when you hear or read that word? You can see all our results on the ABC website - I suggest you click on 'Related Photos' and look at them in expanded view. I can't wait to see what the ABC comes up with next week when they provide a time lapse of our creation processes.

This was mine - a 3D paper-sculpture like a decorated letter on an illuminated manuscript (the background was produced by sprinkling table salt on moist watercolour paint). Well, actually it was partially a team effort. The session was open for the public to wander through and watch us. Brisbane contemporary jewellery designer Megan Rowe stopped for a few moments to see what I was up to and I asked her if she'd like to help. She painted, folded and glued the leaves and cut the template for embossing and raising the design of the skidaddling mouse. Thanks, Megan - it would have been a struggle to finish on time without your assistance!

The other artists involved were Joanne Brooker, Angela Sunde, Greg Rogers, Lucia Masciullo, Stephen Axelsen, Lynn Priestley, Kerry Argent and Rebecca Berrett.

Special thanks to Laurine Croasdale and the ASA, the ABC, Micador art products and Brisbane organisers Lucia Masciullo and Helen Ross. I hope we all get to do it again next year.

Peter Taylor

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