Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Artists Books Encourage Reading, Writing and Creativity

If you have not yet done so, put 'artists books' into a Google Image search. You'll be amazed at the variety of possible structures that you discover. One trend, these days, is reducing books to electronic files for convenient eReaders. Well, artists books are at the other end of the spectrum, and creators build book objects with wonderfully complex, extravagant and sculptural forms. What would you write or draw in a circular book?

For children who are excited by the possibilities of freedom to design an artists book, the activity can encourage them to read widely to discover a suitable text, or be a stimulus for them to write something imaginative and appropriate themselves to add to the pages.

Alternatively, the words may be chosen first and move the artist to develop a suitable and related structure to house them.

I'll be teaching some construction techniques from 10am -1pm at a workshop next Friday - 11th May, 2012 at Strathpine Library, just outside Brisbane, Australia, if anyone would like to join me. The library is covering my fee, so tuition will be free, but there will be a small charge for materials. Bookings can be made by phoning the library on 07 3480 6522.

On Saturday 18th August, I will be kicking off 'Book Week' with a workshop for children and adults at the Brisbane Square Library from 10.30am. I'll give you more details later - but the plan is for attendees to write a book in calligraphy and bind it in one and a half hours.

Have fun!

Peter Taylor


Tracey Hawkins said...

these are great Peter! Wish I could come to your workshop.
tracey H

Peter Taylor - Author and Illustrator said...

Thanks Tracey. If you come up with the words, I'll help with presentation ideas!

Some people are far more inventive than I am, but I'm sure the more examples you see, the more ideas you get for stories and appropriate and exciting structures to house them.

There are many private collectors, and such books are also bought by state art galleries and the like, so from an edition of perhaps 15 copies, you may be more financially rewarded than a traditional book deal.

Have fun!