Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Work in Progress

This book is being created as a collaboration. The dropped capital from my last post will fit inside this border that I've designed. It features 23ct gold leaf and was painted and illuminated on vellum (calf skin). If anyone has a blank sheet of vellum, I'd be most grateful if you could scan it so that the image can be used for a unique page background. The aim is to have a different one for each page to make the finished book look truly like a medieval tome. The page numbers will go on the dragon's scroll.

This is a left-hand side page. You'll have to imagine the border flipped for the right-hand page of the spread. The inner border and illustrations will differ in size.

The text is written by hand using a different calligraphy style for each character in the children's story of the Queen of Hearts' Tarts, by Jennifer Poulter.

This is still a work in progress and the finished illustration(s) by Mandy Sinclair will actually be created using watercolours.She will surprise us with a detail that will go in the circle.

Now to complete the text calligraphy, including the page numbers to fit in the dragon's scroll:

It will be print-ready and 10 inches by 8 inches when it's finished, probably in July. Hoping that we can find the perfect traditional publisher...

Peter Taylor
Writing for Children

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