Friday, February 24, 2012

Network Celebration

One of the most worthwhile activities that any children’s writer or illustrator can do is to network with other creators. Apart from feeling and becoming ‘part of the industry’ and not working in isolation, over the years I have learned a lot from members of many organisations and forums, and continue to do so – writing craft, opportunities, publisher and editor preferences, printing presses, publicity efforts that work, and much more. And I hope some of the things that I write in forum posts are helpful to others, too.

The SCBWI discussion board is a wonderful forum for members, and I try to regularly contribute to several on LinkedIn and Yahoo Groups, for example which is for southern hemisphere creators, and ‘CW’ - which has an international membership. You’ll be welcomed if you’re serious about writing for children, or illustrating, and would like to join us and contribute.

Today, I’m celebrating a long membership of ‘CW’ – you’re all wonderful - by holding a draw for one member of this group to win a copy of my picture book, ‘Kangaroo’s Visitor Gets A Surprise’, which has been wonderfully illustrated by Gail Breese.

It’s a dream to meet many of you personally. So if any ‘CW’ member would like to leave a comment, perhaps but not necessarily about the value of group membership – either this group or others you may belong to – or just say 'Hi', I’ll add your name into the hat and draw a winner next weekend. If you’ve clicked to follow the blog, I’ll give you two chances.

Many thanks for your kind words on Aussie Reviews, Sally!

There are more details of the book on my website, along with true facts about the Aussie animals depicted as characters.

But if you wish to make a purchase ($13.50), the easisest way is through Amazon:

With many thanks and all best wishes

Peter Taylor


Unknown said...

HI Peter. Saw your post on CW. I enjoyed your posts on Trafford and your loyalty to the company that you chose to work with. So often authors go into business relationships that they simply don't define or understand. You obviously did your homework and therefore are working with what you have. Hats off to you.

I would love to preview your book and I look forward to more insightful posts from you.

Karen Syed

lou buffkin said...

This drawing is a nice thing to do.
I'd like to win the book.
So,pull my name!lol
lou buffkin(CW)

Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

I've been a member of CW since 1999and have enjoyed your friendship there since you started. :) (I think you came in a couple years after me -- could be mistaken)

That group led to my getting published. I sent them a link to my SCBWI conference sketchbook online, and a discussion started, and a bunch of them said I should do a kids' book in the sketchbook style. I had never considered that before. I tried it, and it worked. And, bonus, someone on the list quietly sent my link to their agent, and she signed with me. And she sold the book quickly.
I love CW and all the awesome writers there who have become dear friends over the years. :)
Continued best wishes with your work, Peter!

Peter Taylor - Author and Illustrator said...

Many thanks for dropping by, Karen, Lou and Ruth.

It's been great to travel together, Ruth, around several forums over the years. I'm sure you're right, I'm thinking I've been on CW since about 2002. I well remember your first Ellie McDoodle book being accepted - 'Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel'. Thank you for telling us how the group helped. Now I can't wait for the new one, Book 4, due out in April. I hope it sells heaps!

Sally Murphy and Sonia Kretschmar are calling in on their blog tour on March 6th. Sonia has sent me a picture of her studio to include. I love seeing how other illustrators work.

I'll be doing a giveaway of a copy of their book that week, too. You'll love it!

Very best wishes to all


Peter Taylor - Author and Illustrator said...

How about I send each of you a book?

I'm sure you know my email address from CW - or you can send me your street address via my website.

All best wishes

Peter :)

...and also please visit my blog on March 6th, or soon afterwards, for the 'Don't Forget Australia' blog tour and chance to win a copy of that book, too.