Monday, January 23, 2012

Coincidences - Part 1

Edmund Kean was a famous early 19th century English actor. My great grandfather was a collector of theatre memorabilia, and I have inherited this hand coloured and autographed print. I think it shows Kean playing Richard III.

Somehow, I can work it into my creative YA biography in progress. But what a coincidence to discover, when I dropped some unwanted items into in a suburban Lifeline charity shop in Brisbane, that they had a copy of Raymond FitzSimons’ book 'Edmund Kean – Fire from Heaven' pub. Hamish Hamilton, 1976. I don’t think it would ever have been a best seller in Brisbane and I imagine there'd be very few copies in the whole of Australia, but will be mighty useful to me. And it’s a most interesting and readable book, too! I could have chosen any of so many other charity shops, or just walked out without looking...

There have been so many other coincidences in my life that an art director once suggested I compile a book. Have you experienced any?

Peter Taylor

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