Tuesday, April 12, 2005


'Struwwelpeter’ was written in 1844. My copy dates from about 1900, I should think - published by Routledge.

I remember it being read to me as a child.

I’m sure it’s quite the most disturbing book ever written for young children.

It was written for a 3 year old by his father when he couldn’t find a ‘suitable’ book for a Christmas present. He bought a notebook and made up the stories and did the illustrations himself. And he was a psychiatrist. And all the lunatics who visited his surgery thought it was great and wanted copies and suggested he ‘got it published’ – and it became a worldwide best seller and gave innumerable nightmares to each child who had it read to them. (At least, it did if they were 3, I’m sure.) There’s even a 'Struwwelpeter Museum' in Frankfurt displaying copies in 120 languages.

Did anyone read it to you – I’m sure you would remember?

Please let me know.

If there's enough interest, I might make my copy available as an ebook, providing everyone promises not to read it to 3 year olds, or show them the pictures.

Take care

Peter Taylor
Writing For Children

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